The game

Chronicles of Waral - the game

Chronicles of Waral is a board game in which players fight for the control of Heldenheim. Opponents vie to be the most cunning and scheming over the course of several rounds to gain resources, leading to more influence. Whoever has the most wins!
Each round, the districts for which the players fight change. It is up to you to adapt your tactics to the disputed territories. In turns, opponents place their warriors on the districts of their choosing and make decisions: gain resources to be used in another turn, conquering a district, using a trick card…

But naturally, the city and your opponents won’t make it easy for you!

Never play the same game twice

Players select their characters during a drafting phase: they choose a card, then give the deck to the player on their left, until each has three cards in front of them. All characters have unique abilities: they can shape your band’s strategy in the game.
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Chronicles of Waral - cards

Chronicles of Waral - Heldenheim by day

Waral is at the dawn of a major upheaval. Nations are rising to the thrumming sound of war drums, the oppressed call for revolt and forces plot in the shadows.

At the very heart of the narrative in Chronicles of Waral, the city of Heldenheim plays a key role for all rival factions.